Aderemi Adejokun

Aderemi Adejokun is a single mother of four girls. She has a BSc (Hons) degree in Mental health/Social Services and a MA degree in Human Resources.

She has a special mandate from God to go and comfort the comfortless and this she has done tirelessly for several years.

She is also the founder of Relief Africa Non-Profit Charity Organisation through which she supports and empowers children and families who are economically and socially disadvantaged across the UK, Nigeria, Ghana

As the founder of Just Smile Entertainers Aderemi and her four daughters perform together as a family, at churches (Praise & Worship dancers known as The Levites), elderly homes, hospitals, schools and community events etc 90% of the times doing this at the expense of her personal financial resources. Christmas season and Easter season has given Aderemi opportunity to hand out gifts to children in orphanages and homes for the disabled bringing them smiles not only with their gifts but with their stunning performances at these events.

Aderemi, has liaised with her local MP on different campaigns that have brought positive results to the community where she resides. She has also appeared on BBC and ITV to address issues affecting her community. She has also received various awards helping children in need in America, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, Dubai and here in London.