Women play a major role in church life. They provide church administration services, run many of the ministries in the Church and several para Church organisations within the community.

They are also active in the wider community, running businesses, ministries and charities, as well as supporting, helping and inspiring others whether at work, church or in the home. However, at the time of inauguration of the Wise Women Awards, no awards event recognise their achievements.

Apostle Marjorie Esomowei of Wisdom for Women International, has always had a heart for women. In her role as co-pastor of Triumphant Church International (TCI) in Tottenham, north London, Pastor Marjorie has, honoured Christian women with an awards event.

Since 2005, we have, under the auspices of Wisdom for Women International, held an annual WISE WOMEN AWARDS dinner where outstanding women are presented with an award. We have noted how the morale and confidence of the recipient was boosted by being given an award, and also brought exemplary role models to the fore.

Apostle Marjorie realised that no awards events exist within the Christian community that recognise women’s achievements across the denominational spectrum and felt it was time for such an event to be held, and in 2005 began the WISE WOMEN AWARDS.

The Wise Women Awards recognizes the contribution that Christian women from across denominations in UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE AND UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have made in the church and wider society.

Thirteen awards categories are open to nominations from the public. The winners of these categories are decided by a specially appointed panel of judges.

The winners of the honorary categories are chosen and presented by Wisdom for Women International.

The Category Winners receive their awards each year on the eve of British Mothers Day at Wise Women Awards Ceremony held at a Prestigious Hotel. The Ceremony for the 2024 Wise Women Awards will take place at the prestigious Leornado Hotel 45 Prescot Street | London | E1 8GP on Saturday, March 29th 2025.