Jacqueline Peart

Rev Jacqueline_PICJacqueline Peart has a heart and a vision to assist those who desire to live a fulfilling and whole life in Christ Jesus. Before I tell you of the wonderful achievements of Reverend Jacqueline Peart and the things she has done and is doing that makes her so deserving of this award, I want to tell of what her ministry has done for me because by doing so I can fully convey the significant impact that was made in just one life, my life.

“I have said it many times and I’ll say it again and again, being part of Jaqueline Peart International Ministries (JPIM) saved my life! Going to my very first Wholeness Retreat was the catalyst that God used to ensure my life was going to go from upside down to right side up! I went on to do a programme JPIM was running called Women Inspiring Women (WIW). It was in doing WIW I went on to start my own cake business also I revisited the doctors about a pain I was having in my head for many years only to find that I was slowly dying from a build up of fluid on my brain. Doing this programme gave me back my confidence, my reason for being. Through its strategies, plans, guidance and support I was able again to resume a normal ‘whole’ life in Christ Jesus, living it even today with joy.”

This is just a tiny snippet of a life transformed by this ministry. I know there would have been hundreds of lives over the years that would have been transformed by Rev….in Christendom, the secular/corporate world both here in England and America.

Rev Jacqueline Peart is the founder and CEO of Jacqueline Peart International Ministries (JPIM) She has dedicated her life to developing programmes such as Women Inspiring Women, The Wholeness Academy, yearly retreats and so much more for example; Jacqueline also works along side church leaders and other ministry leaders making in roads that impact their church, ministries and local community. She is the Director of Training with Purpose International (TWPI) which is an award winning company that focuses on leadership, management and employability skills training and consultancy. This company like everything Jaqueline is involved in is people-centred to inspire them to be the best we can be…..Get it right inside, get it right outside is its the motto.

Rev attends Herts International Church in Welwyn Garden City where she is part of the apostolic leadership team which falls in line with her calling as an apostolic visionary as she has a deep desire to increase the Kingdom of God.

Rev Jaqueline is also a renowned poet and book writer amongst the Christian community and has been writing and sharing her poetry for twenty years. Her poems can take you through a sea of emotions as they ‘keep it real’, thought provoke, challenge you, empathise and some are humorous too but all with one aim in mind; to bring you closer to Jesus and live a life of wholeness!

Rev¬†Jaqueline self publishes her books and covers an array of subjects under the headings: Inspirations for…….Teens, relationships, singleness, wholeness and more. Her books inspire, heal, encourage and change the reader for the better!

Rev is very much a peoples person starting first with her own family whom are very instrumental in her ministry. Her parents always attend her retreats, conferences and social events. Her sister Minister Yvonne Atkinson speaks each year at the Wholeness retreats. Yvonne and nephew Mark minister in America where Rev often visits and ministers there too. Marcia Peart her sister is the COO of JPIM and apart from Jesus her most trusted and faithful friend.

The JPIM team consist of 20 women that have all themselves been through one or more of the programmes therefore their dedication and commitment is second to none, that is because they have had first hand experience of what it is to have Rev impart what God has placed in her into them to live a life of wholeness.