Brigitte Gambou

Brigitte Gambou is an African woman, author and activist. She is married to Adrien and they have five children.

Brigitte campaigns for the thousands of African women and children across the world who are falling prey to cultural traditions and gender-based violence such as rape, domestic violence, child marriage, sexual cleansing, female genital mutilation and even murder, in the name of culture. For the past five years, Brigitte and her husband have motivated African men and women by imparting fresh knowledge about the terrible outcomes of congregated conjugal roles. It’s their desire to set them free from distress and repeated cultural oppression.

From this passion, She founded the charity FDAWC (Fight for Dignity of African Women and Children). FDAWC works tirelessly to stop cultural traditions destroying lives. FDAWC serve African families in the UK, France, Sierra Leone, Ghana,Morocco and Ivory Coast. They encourage, offering expert advice, counselling, refuge, education and provide support to victims.

Brigitte works closely with African mothers, especially those going through domestic violence, knowing the result and consequences of abuse reflects destructively on their children’s behaviour.

She now speaks all over the world giving testimony of the lives that have been changed by experiencing freedom from African culture.