Wendy Wezer, is a single woman, a pastor and an entrepreneurial business woman. She is a graduate in Behavioural Science, with a post-master in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is currently pursuing her masters in Forensic Child and Youth Care Science.

She started a business, while being a university student, from a rented house where she lived taking in kids that were abused and some neglected by parents and made a great difference in their lives.

One of the strongest dynamics of the business is that it welcomes cultural diversity, which has made the business a home for many children of different nationalities, race, gender and religion. Wendy has done and gone beyond what most of these kids parents would not do or weren’t capable of; for example taking them for holidays in countries of their choices, hence creating the atmosphere that these kids never had at their respective homes.
Her love and care is not passive or lyrical, but its demonstrated through her love for the kids she looks after. These kids’ lives have been truly impacted, changed and fulfilled and serving the Lord faithfully. All the kids have become part of Wendy her family.

Next to the children’s home she also gives parenting support to parents experiencing multiple problems in their homes and gives specialised ambulatory care to children and adolescent dealing with trauma, attachment and behaviour problems.

Wendy is a strong and purpose driven young woman who is passionate about impacting lives and taking risks in faith. Her major achievements are predicated on the fact that she is focused, determined and self-disciplined. As a pastor and entrepreneur she is also active in her local community.