Rev. Anna Mwiluki – Inspirational Woman

Dr. Anna Mwiluki is an accomplished pastor, an ordained minister, and an academic who is passionate about youth and women’s development and empowerment.

For 27 years, she has served God in the UK and overseas through various programmes and platforms to reach communities. As a young minister, she founded the Christ Ambassadors Youth Group, which brought young people together with a tangible outcome that saw many youth return to school, pursue higher education, with some achieving “director status” at reputable establishments. She founded a forum for single women known as “My Daddy Will Fix It,” geared to promote self-worth, where many achieved this desired outcome.

As an ordained minister, she identified the need to empower women to speak up and rise to leadership positions, leading to the launch of “The Midwife Series” a programme widely known for strengthening women from sub-Saharan Africa to take positions in leadership capacity. Her passion in academia has focused on child protection, mental well-being, and domestic abuse in a bid to address hidden harms within faith-based households.

She has pursued higher education, achieving many accolades to the glory of God. This has equipped her to coach and mentor men and women on leadership and acknowledge vulnerabilities within community settings. Her highlight in ministry has been over the last 10 years in the academia field, where she has been a coach and a mentor to all in pursuit of higher education degrees, where she has seen approximately 100 graduates.

Her greatest joy is serving God with her husband, many biological, adopted, and spiritual children; touching one soul at a time.
(Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. Philippians 4:17, KJV)