Placida Acheru

Back in 2007, Placida had just left her old life in Nigeria behind and was planning to launch herself in the UK. She had a message to give and wanted to learn how to deliver hers to a UK audience. Her greatest desire is to help women turn their talents into profits and to succeed at it. Placida an extremely driven and determined individual, has a unique ability to find her way rapidly into her your heart and her messages strike home every time.

Starting with organising networking events, her first event kicked off with 17 attendees. These audiences grow quickly as her reputation began to grow. People in their hundreds were queuing to listen to her. No mean task as was practising what she preached. Her business grew using her own marketing techniques. Placida never needed external finance to grow her business. It was all achieved with focus and hard work.

In 2011, Placida hosted her first women in business conference. Over 300 women registered for this event and gave rise to the unleashed women’s network. Placida was empowering women to be independent, giving them the knowledge and passion to transform their lives. Women were finding their strengths and at last breaking through the barriers that held them back. Placida’s story of “Shame To Fame”, motivates these women to pick up themselves and soar.

Soon her signature online conference called Woman unleash your potential, pulled more than 600 women from across the globe. Her passion is invigorating. It is mobilising people to discover their calling, take charge of their lives, break through every roadblock to the lives and with it bring financial success. Placida’s social network is approaching six figures and her portfolio of hard hitting messages can now also have been heard through her iTunes podcast.

Despite of all the traumas, divorce, and dealing with sickle cell anaemia she continues to inspire those around her and the world at large. Within 6 months of a major health break down launched her own online magazine – Her Inspiration, reaching 680,000 in its first week. She also launched two other life transformation programs. In 2016 she authored 3 books and became 3 x International Bestseller Author.