Marcia McPherson – Christian Woman in Music Award

Marcia is renowned for her fine choral directorship & is widely respected as one of the finest female in her field nationally and internationally.

Marcia’s experience spans over 30 years in gospel music, initially as a choir member & one of the leading soloist. BACK IN 1990s she was part of the Angelic voice choir who won the choir of the year competition which included a trip to Chicago singing at the annual Gospel music Festival alongside The WINANS, Tremaine Hawkins and the Hawkins family, the Clarke sisters to name but a few of American gospel best.

Fast forward to year 2000, Marcia became choir director of the new testament assembly church choir singing BEFORE the late Princess Diana, American activist Rev Jesse Jackson & more recently the Queen of England, queen Elizabeth in 2012. Marcia joined liberty Christian ministry & became a member 4 years ago as musical director.

Marcia Also performed with Sir Cliff Richard at the Royal Albert Hall including the London Philharmonic Orchestra AND MANY MORE.

Marcia has travelled extensively to many countries including Bahamas, Portugal, JAMAICA & FLORIDA where she was invited to take the NTA choir ministering at various churches. She was also approached by Premier Christian radio to lead as choir director, a new choir formed by peter kerridge in 2012 the choir is now known as Faithworks Gospel Choir. More recently Marcia was asked by Bishop Noel Jones, having visited Liberty Christian Centre Church and seeing Marcia in her elements leading the choir. In 2019 Marcia took 22 choir members and musicians to la performing at Bshop Jones’ church and many other Baptist churches.

Marcia, along with the Faithworks choir had a cameo role in a film called ‘Superbob’ that was on general release national and internationally. That year Marcia & the Faithworks Choir performed at the BBC Choir of the Year competition narrowly missing first place!