Marcia Da Costa – Woman in Leadership Award

An activist since 14 years old, Marcia Da Costa, has worked for decades supporting many different communities, races, ages, faiths and diverse groups in the UK and globally.

For over 40 years, Marcia worked as a Social Worker rising to Senior Management in local government. Her work covered all areas including adults, families, elders, disabilities with a specialism in safeguarding children and training. In addition, Marcia’s expertise opened doors for her to sit on specialist forums such as London Safeguarding Children’s Board for Faith and Culture, Church’s Forum for Safeguarding, the Mayor’s group on safeguarding children and she was appointed the chair of MPS Safeguarding Children and Young People Advisory Group.

Marcia has a heart that serves others and alongside her full time job, she pioneered and pastored Love Fellowship. This organisation incorporated a not for profit charity based in London Waterloo which focused on helping the homeless by caring for them on the street and rehabilitating them once housed. In addition, she enjoys mentoring young men and women to be future leaders.

For over two decades, Marcia has been a Senior advisor to a number of strategic organisations (at governmental and international levels). She is currently a Trust Governor at a large London teaching hospital as well as a board member and nation member of the Internationally known African Forum on Religion and Government (AFREG). In addition, she served as a Board member to the West Indian Association of Service Personnel. During the Covid 19 pandemic, Marcia was also appointed for a fixed period as a Voluntary Hospital Chaplain and Psychological Advisor.

Marcia is the recipient of several awards including a Certificate of Recognition from the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance for her outstanding contribution towards Black Christian Faith in the UK.