Lady Valerie Msoni

Lady Valerie Msoni is a retired ICT lecturer and Nurse from Birmingham. Upon retiring in 2012, decided to become a full time Volunteer at Divine Rescue Charity in London that works with homeless people, substance abusive victims, sex workers and families on low-income in Southwark, London.

She serves over thirty-two thousand clients every year with free food, warm clothes, counselling, advice, training, mentoring, coaching, hostel and rehab referral’s.

She sees hundreds of my clients that she has supported every year coming off drugs and becoming responsible citizens and uniting back with their forgotten families, supporting homeless people off the streets and helping them to access basic education which is a big achievement for most of our clients.

Lady Valerie ‘s words ‘Divine Rescue food bank is a life -line to over twenty thousand families on low-income a year, and being a part of this work in my community and beyond as a volunteer is truly a blessing’.