Jacqueline Hinds – Christian Woman In Business

Jacqueline A. Hinds is the award-winning Founder of the Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe. She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master Trainer EISAP2.0 EQ Certification Programme with over 25 years of knowledge, skills, and expertise within the Human Resource Development arena; working within a range of organisations and industries, including charitable and public/third sector organisations.

Jacqueline has always been passionate about Women’s Ministries, and especially in supporting women of Faith and, by using her gifts, she designed a 5-month Woman of Faith Programme back in 2017; which has since evolved and diversified into the virtual space; enabling Christian women across the globe to fellowship and develop together.

Jacqueline is an established author, her first book: Journey to Empowerment: Tackling the Bullies Within, outlines how Emotional Intelligence supported her whilst she navigated her career pathway and, is in support of her Emotional Resilience and Tackling Bullying in the Workplace workshops and she is currently working on her next book.

Jacqueline is currently working on her 1st International Dementia Care With A Difference Conference. Which will be a non-Pharma conference, focusing on the whole person in patient-centred care. By understanding the inequalities in health and social care that impacts Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics; the conference will be highlighting creative and innovative products, support services, sharing inspirational stories and insight for all across the dementia care management and caregiving arena.

When she’s not busy working, Jacqueline loves spending quality time and family life with her husband and two children.