Gee Abiah Patchett

Gee is the founder of Transformation Powerhouse and she provides support to victims of Sexual Abuse in her own home for over 13 years, without little or no external funding or support.

Transformation Powerhouse is built on Christian principles to be a “Healing Centre”, empowering and supporting women and teenage girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. The Centre provides group and one to one support on-site.

She and her husband Mark fund the work from their own business. She is truly inspirational as she always picks up the phone no matter what time it is as she says you never can tell who is at the other end and a life can be saved. She is truly inspirational and does not seek recognition or self-promotion. She is always willing to inspire and encourage even with challenges of her own.

They run a monthly program Women at the Well an unscripted unplanned programme designed to minister to victims of sexual abuse and to just anyone in need of refreshing. Transformation Powerhouse provides high quality care in a warm and welcoming home environment with plans to build a residential centre.

They have recently launched a petition to support the Campaign A Child is Crying to ask the Government to protect victims of sexual abuse, prosecute the perpetrators and to support and protect victims of sexual abuse.