Christy Amalu

Christy Amalu is a registered nurse, midwife and mental health nurse by profession. She has a first and post graduate degree and several related qualifications including Emergency Nurse Practitioner, and Substance Misuse Practitioner. She currently works as a Clinical Nurse Advisor for the NHS.
She is the women leader in New Covenant Church Milton Keynes her local church –a branch of New Covenant Church worldwide. She has served as the president of this group since 2012 and was re- elected into post in February 2016. Leading in alignment with the vision of the ministry spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and encouraging others to follow suit.

Christy has a passion for women’s health and believes that healthy habits keep diseases away and prolong life, leading to a happier life. This led Christy to founding the community group called ‘A well Woman Foundation’ who mission is to help educate and equip women to maintain their optimum health. Ranging from physical, emotional/psychological, financial and spiritual wellbeing to enhancing healthier families and communities.

She runs an annual conference and draws experienced speakers from around UK and around the world to assist in empowering the women within her sphere of influence. She also pioneers other projects including clothing and equipping children for school in rural Africa.

An author of two books; ‘A well woman book’ and Journey to Breakthrough, are available on amazon and some bookshops and libraries. The motive is to reach women globally and help them become the best God created them to be.
Christy loves to motivate and mentor women. She is an Entrepreneur, and radio host and uses these platforms to reach and empower women globally.