Rev Rose Hudson Wilkins – KTF Woman of the Year (2011)

Rev Rose smilingRose Hudson Wilkin is living proof that God enables individuals to achieve the goals and dreams he places in their hearts.

Rose, was called into ministry, at the age of 14, whilst living in a tenement yard with her family, in Montega Bay Jamaica. She is now at the heart of the British establishment, where she now serves as Chaplain to the Queen and made history last year when she became the first black woman to be appointed Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons.

Rose trained as a Church Army evangelist in Britain and returned to Jamaica to work in Christian education. She returned back to England in 1985 with her husband, and trained for the ministry. She was ordained as a deacon in 1991, and as a priest in 1994

Rose’s ordination has heralded her rise up the church ranks. At one point, she led two churches, All Saints, and Holy Trinity, both based in the London Borough of Hackney, one of the poorest areas of London.

She has served on the Church of England General Synod, represented the Church of England at the World Council of Churches and serves as a Selection Secretary for the Church of England, helping to select men and women seeking to test their vocation to the ministry.

She’s regularly featured in the media – whether it’s defending the Christian faith, or giving her views on key social issues, such as the gang violence that is blighting our communities. In doing so, she has become a visible role model for many and spokesperson for the Christian faith.

Rose Hudson-Wilkin is a woman that loves God and God’s people and is a credit to Christendom.