Rahab Karungaru

My name is Rahab Karungaru, married and a mother of three grown up sons. My training as a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife in Kenya prepared me to work in various capacities within hospitals in Kenya. This qualified me for service as an Expatriate Nurse in the Southern Sudan for 3 years before relocating to UK where I serve as a Registered Nurse with the NHS.

During my 38 years’ service as a Nurse in Kenya, the Southern Sudan and the United Kingdom, it has always been gratifying to me to be a help to those wanting, weak and ailing. In the Southern Sudan, a war-torn zone at the time I encouraged patients and their relatives who had lost hope of living due to the effects of the civil war and, also joined missionaries to train pastors within the community. I firmly anchored myself onto Acts 3:6 “What I do have, I give you” as my introduction to the name that is greater than any problem or situation, i.e. Jesus Christ.

I endeavour to reach out, inspire and mentor those around me and especially women; to become what God created them to be, bearing in mind ‘’Hebrews 12:1-2’’.

I’m actively involved with several charities, where I work with orphans and the underprivileged whom I visit annually and with support from close friends, offer them support with stationery, uniforms, school fees and other basic essentials and I participate in reaching out to those in need by visiting across nations in the world particularly in Africa. I’m part of the leadership for Bristol Interdenominational Fellowship, and also part of the Kenyan Christian Fellowship UK .I thank God for the community who fondly addresses me variously as, Auntie Rahab, Mum Rahab, Sister Rahab and or Grandma Rahab. To God Be the Glory for whom He is.