Melanie Hamilton

Melanie Hamilton is a prolific speaker, well versed in scripture and sharing its practical application; equipped with a desire to make the Word of God relevant for all of her listeners, she is careful to ensure that God always has the opportunity to meet His people at the point of their need. Melanie has been a member of the Church of God of Prophecy for 40 years and was baptised at the tender age of 13; she is also the Director and Visionary of ‘My 2nd Chance’.

Through life’s experiences, God has given Melanie a deep passion and empathy for broken and hurting people, bearing the conviction that no-one should be lost. For this reason My 2nd Chance was established in 1996 to help and support each individual it encounters to find their direction, purpose and transformation to become all that God intend them to be.

Through her various community activities and events, retreats, holiday clubs, youth initiatives and ministry work everyone has the opportunity to experience their 2nd Chance and live the life God designed for them.
Melanie has over the last couple of years started to speak internationally, such as Barbados, Jamaica and Ghana each one has had a major impact on Melanie’s life.

Melanie is a mother of two and has a passion for also ministering in song.