Margaret Bankole

Margaret Bankole is a minister and social advocate. She is a Barrister by profession and has been practising law for over 30 years. She is married to Pastor Tawa Bankole, her husband of 30 years and they have 4 children. Together they pastor an Assemblies of God Church in Forest Gate, London. Pastor Margaret has a passion for ministry work and particularly to see the Body of Christ healed and restored. She is working in her rightful place and fulfilling her purpose. This is demonstrated in her commitment to a ministry initiative, the Married Couples Fellowship, that has spanned over a period of 22 years now and is geared towards helping young and old couples gain their footing in marriage.

As a certified counsellor, she provides guidance with Godly wisdom to people in need. As a social advocate, she campaigns with charities and government projects to end gang violence. And now as a distinguished author, she aims to change lives and provide hope to families through her own experience as a mother of a wayward child with her latest book “My story… but then is it really my story”.

Margaret campaigns with charities and government projects to end gang violence. She delivered a powerful speech on the current social economic issue and the ongoing violence amongst our youth in the House of Commons alongside Rev. Al Sharpton and Diane Abbott MP.

Her award winning work has seen her appear on various TV and radio programmes such as TBN, BEN TV, Revelation TV, Premier radio, Omega FM and more.