Chiquita McCaulay

Chiquita McCaulay, fondly known as ‘Deaconess Chi’ within Faith Tabernacle Community Church, where she is serving the body of Christ as a Deacon, Church Secretary, Sunday School Teacher, Events Organiser and founder of Inspiring Events.

Chiquita is pure inspiration of how a single mother who’s start wasn’t great can turn her life around with God at her side. She’s a mum to a 17 year old boy Jermaine and a 10 year old Ché Harley, Ché was born with many medical conditions one of which needed him to be in leg braces on both legs, this came with many many doctors appointments and challenges.

Last year she completed her degree, in social work after years of struggle she finally got her first class degree!!! We give God all the glory, at every step she’s had to rely on the Lord for provision, strength and grace!

Chiquita is fun loving, ambitious and passionate. She is a keen traveller and is blessed to have travelled extensively throughout the world including a mission trip to rural India. The call of God is truly on her life and her favourite scripture is Jeremiah 29 verse 11. Chiquita is a woman of excellence and integrity and is chosen for such a time as this