Bishop Judith Adigwe

Bishop Judith is the founder and overseer of Gods Glory ministry, Bright Futures, Kingdom Prophets and Warriors of the Lord Ministry.

A great woman hand picked by God, to bring forth a paradigm shift in her generation, that will reflect on generations to come. Bishop has been a teacher of sound doctrine and a mother to nations. One who has layed down her life, her home, children and all her time for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

A life changer, who has affected and infected our lives with the love of God. More than 30 years in ministry and she has been the gift that keeps giving. God has demonstrated himself in the Bishop; people have been supported in all areas, families have reconciled, people released from prison, hopeless have found hope in God, youths have turned away from crime and people healed across the world. Bishops life has been a sermon of love. A woman of honour, the beloved of whom Yahweh is well pleased.