Tavongaishe Lorraine Dakar

My name is Tavonga and I am a 23 year old devoted to social justice, international development and spreading the gospel to the 4 corners of the Earth. I applied for my first mission trip to Kenya when I was 15 even though the age requirement was 16. I was adamant that God wanted me to go on that trip. The Pastor eventually agreed as I would be turning 16 before the trip. Kenya changed my life; God affirmed my calling as a missionary. The same year I visited India and worked in orphanage filled with kids who had been abandoned on roads and in bins. Months after I then went on to volunteer in Zimbabwe at an orphanage with kids who had HIV. By 17 I had planned my first mission trip returning back to India with a team I had put together. Since then I have worked at Salvation Army summer camps with disadvantage kids and volunteered in Calais working with refugees and served on the mission field in Brazil.

I am currently completing my Masters in International development at University of Birmingham; I plan to take the knowledge and skills I have gained, to developing countries and create interventions that address poverty and social inequalities.