Simone Anglin-Williams

Simone Anglin- Williams has been a Christian since April 2007.

She was first saved at the New Testament church of God in Willesden and she now attends LIFE church lead by Pastor Wayne Brown.

Simone’s love for the Lord is deep rooted in his unfailing love for her which she sees in her everyday life. Simone works as a clinical nurse specialist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and her area of expertise is Palliative care. This is a very challenging area of nursing but Simone continues to feel the Lord placed her here to witness too many and also act as a constant reminder that life is short and seeking her purpose in the lord daily is a must whilst encouraging those around her to do the same.

Simone Williams-Anglin is a modern day heroine. When this nurse heard that there was an incident at a tower block, five minutes away from her home she rushed to the scene. In fact Simone was one of the first nurses to be present at the scene of the Grenfell Tower fire which was reported all over the world.

Although she had been getting ready to go to bed, Simone knew it was her duty to stay and help as best as she could.

She assisted survivors as they escaped from the building, handing them blankets, towels and tea and also offered comfort as she talked with people who were looking for loved ones.

Simone’s efforts did not go unrecognised. She was featured in a number of TV news stories and media interviews about the fire and was not ashamed to make mention of her faith when given an opportunity to do so.

In her spare time she speaks at events around the subject of self-love and being the Salt of the earth. Simone’s scripture that she lives by daily is Matthew 5 13/16 we must be the salt of the earth.

Simone in her spare time is an actress and currently plays sister Jenny in the hit Gospel play Take me back written and directed by Angie Le’mar. Simone believes her purpose and role in life is to inspire and encourage women and the people of her wider community.