Pastor Sharon Stapleton

Sharon Stapleton a wife, mother, pastor, teacher, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and prison chaplain has been in ministry since the age of 13 and is known for her down to earth “say it as it is” style of teaching and preaching ministry. Serving the Body of Christ as a Sunday school teacher, Youth Director, Minister of Music, preacher, worship leader, women’s conference speaker, co-pastored alongside her husband for 9 years and held various other appointments and opportunities both in the ministry and secularly has prepared her to be what her heart desire has been from the time she understood that the call of God was truly on her life and that was to be in full time ministry where every day was an opportunity to tell someone about the transforming power of Jesus Christ to change lives. She now serves as a full time Chaplain with Her Majesty’s Prison Probation Service.

Pastor Sharon is known for saying….”If you run for God he will run for you – He’s faithful”, “Anything you do for God – if you are genuine in your desire to please and glorify God, whatever you present, must cost you something. Don’t give him your change give him your best. God doesn’t give you second hand blessings”

She has been faithfully preaching, teaching and ministering the word of God and has a heart for God, opening her home as a place of refuge and have had countless number of people stay in her home – fleeing domestic violence, yp needing space from family, single parents, weary ministers, and so much more. Many times, she has answered that three o’clock in the morning call and has gone running to be of assistant – hands on practical support.

Her drive is to enable people to be effective by gaining an understanding of who they are in God, to educate, empower and equip them in and for the Ministry so they can reach their full potential and cultivate an atmosphere of worship in every service where the Glory of God is present.