Alysha’s journey began at the tender age of 3 years, standing on a chair, singing at her local church NTCG . She was frequently asked to sing there and also at larger congregations giving her the chance to experience the power of gospel music. From her infant years up until her early teenage years her name travelled in the Christian community as far as the USA church headquarters. At the tender age of 13, Alysha decided to leave the church to pursue a career in pop music. Her uncle Errol soon discovered she could sing and took her for an audition for Status Quo, who were looking for a singer to, work on a project.

She soon landed a record deal Alysha Warren on RCA records. After this contract agreement, Alysha had a number one hit in the national charts and American charts with the song that she wrote “Touch me” the 49ers’s and was then offered a record and publishing deal with Polydor and Warner Bros.

During her career in the pop industry, Alysha had the advantage of working with some of the world’s most famous singers, producers Rhett Lawrence Steve Silk Hurly many more to name a few and songwriters especially in U.S. .She recorded the soundtrack ‘I Wanna Be Like Mike’ for the infamous basketball player Michael Jordan. Her talent also includes acting. A highlight in her pop career was a performance career was a performance on American sitcom “Another World” where she sang with recording artist Atlantic Star.

By the late 90’s she felt her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ calling her to fulfil the plan and purpose He had for her life and she made the decision to walk away from her very lucrative recording deal to accept her calling and returned to the faith of her youth. Alysha has worked with award winning Gospel artist Donnie McClurkin and ministered, singing solo on the RUACH live album. Also has the opportunity to support U.S artist award winning Vashawn Mitchell Alysha wishes to promote her love for the Lord and encourage others to do the same. Alysha’s voice has also extended beyond the church. In 2012 she was invited to lunch in Buckingham Palace with Her Majesty the Queen. Alysha has been privileged to sing before the then mayor of London, ken Livingston accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra, Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party in the House of Parliament, Alysha has ministered at many women’s conferences.

Apart from all this Alysha has a love for Worship and as the Dean of the Beulah School of Worship mentors many other artistes and worship leaders into their calling as worshippers.