Wumi Oyewole

Wumi Oyewole is unique in special way, a multi-passionate entrepreneur with dogged determination. With her mind set that nothing was going to stop her from fulfilling God’s plan for her life, she decided to take that bold step into entrepreneurship at a time when the recession was at an all-time high following her exit from Local Government in November 2010. She took the step to become a certified business mentor in 2012. Her move into entrepreneurship was achieved through direct sales and network marketing. Not an easy task however she was relentless. In early 2013, she felt her creator leading her to retrain as a beauty professional. She joined the beauty industry, not knowing she would be able to combine her love of beauty with her love of personal development. She spotted there existed a link between beauty and personal development and moved to exploit this. She uses Beauty and personal development as tools to develop or build up women’s confidence, self-esteem and their self-worth. As a result, she created a Community Page on Facebook –  Beauty Quotes For You.

Whilst at business, Wumi is socially minded and community focused. Her organisation, The Beauty Realm London is built on the ethos of giving back to the community. since 2014 She volunteers her time as a skincare specialist and beauty professional with – Look Good Feel Better, a charity founded in 1994 to help cancer patients deal with the devastating side effects of treatment on a person’s appearance. She is business ambassador for a Christian charity Chosen Women Outreach whose mission is to empower women. In October 2016, her organisation, The Beauty Realm in collaboration with the local council put together a community fashion show for her borough of Barking and Dagenham, extending her love of beauty into fashion. Wumi brings her entrepreneurial skills to life by being a cultural connector for her borough, Barking and Dagenham. Wumi has been on the steering group for Dagfest 2016, an outdoor festival of circus, music, street theatre and dance. She has made huge sacrifices to achieve these feats and is certainly impacting her business world and her community. Her dream is to live in a world where beauty, brilliance, creativity and confidence co-exist side by side and where poverty does not exist. She can be described as: Relentless, Resourceful and Inspiring.