Caroline Popoola

Muibat Caroline Popoola is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a natural flair for business development and leadership. She is the CEO of Alpha Chains Limited and Alpha Childcare Limited, a highly regarded organisation with a reputation for excellent childcare facilities and services. Caroline currently presides over 12 childcare settings in the UK, the Alpha Childcare franchise alongside other ventures. A former employee of Aon group and associated underwriters at Lloyd’s of London for 12 years.

Caroline Popoola Consultancy set up in 2019 assists businesses and organisations to develop effective and sustainable business strategies alongside great leadership skills.

A Goldman Sachs 10KSB Alumni from Saiid Business School, University of Oxford, her business sustainability and growth model has helped many businesses surpass their objectives.

Caroline contributes immensely to the community through Caroline Popoola Foundation in line with her personal and company ethos which at present helps to feed 150 parents and children from low income background, food banks.

She is married to her supportive husband and mother to three delightful children.