Rev Victoria Lawrence

IMG_0139Rev Victoria Lawrence is the President and Founder of Abigail Outreach ministries International, a ministry dedicated to supporting vulnerable women helping them regain their beautiful countenance.

She has a unique special way of supporting women in domestic violent relationships and/or those who have recently came out of one these abusive relationships in order to help them regain their beautiful countenance; I have been a recipient of such support and restorative anointing.

She also supports the prison chaplaincy team across London and helps women released from prison rebuild their lives by offering them mentorship. She has served as one of the twelve leaders of the London’s Council Christian Network and is an ambassador of the Cinnamon network UK.

A passionate advocate for children with special needs and their families, Rev Victoria Lawrence has been the voice for children with special needs for a number of years now. Despite having a personal challenge of raising 3 children alone, one with a complex medical condition including autism she is an unusual, passionate woman who is keen to rid the churches of the stigmas, stereotypes and wrong behaviour towards Children with special needs and is using her status and knowledge to promote diversity in our local churches. She personally gives up about a day a week to visit other parents who also have children with Special needs and organises outings for them in order for them to have fun and the parents to have a break. During the course of the year she trains and coaches church leaders on accepting/embracing these Children and their families in their local churches especially those of African origin. It is a testament to her success as a devoted advocate for children with special needs that there are now many Pastors/Workers who now nderstand/accept/embrace these children and their families. She is still raising awareness within our local churches/community especially within the Non British communities.

She has been on missions to Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi and Zambia… Her ministry recently adopted an orphanage in Malawi of 527 children, Sponsored 48 Children to school in Zambia and set up businesses for women in Zambia. Last Christmas 10 wheelchairs were presented to disabled children in Malawi. In conclusion She’s a community sweetheart, one who advocates for the needy, empowers leaders, a great mentor of many, devoted mother and has a unique way of making an IMPACT with everyone she comes in contact with!!