Danyele Lawes

IMG_0138Danyele has a degree in youth justice and has worked and mentored young people who are in socio economic sub culture where offending is normalised. She comes alongside young men And young women conducting intense mentoring and works on their attitude, behaviour and thinking. All of this in her personal time outside of work. Herself and close friend founded Aspire to Empower, a non profit organisation who have created and developed programmes for young women on the brink of engaging with gang culture.

Danyele is also a part of a team of people; Em-powered who hold events in schools and community centres for young people with workshops for new skills and opportunities. This also include talks from people who’ve led a life in crime and turned it around, again all of this is done outside of her paid employ work. She works in conflict resolution and manages to get these young people to see there is another way. The work she does is invaluable to change the next generation. All if this is done with a level of excellence, integrity with Christ at the centre of what she does.

Danyele also gets some of these young people to church, saved and turned around.