Amie Buhari

Amie Buhari colourThe Hebe Foundation is a Christian Youth organisation that works with all young people to help them discover & use their talents. They provide Young People with a safe environment in which to expand their minds, learn new skills and discover their talents in fun creative ways. The emphasis is to build up a young person and equip them with the skills needed to thrive through honest, hard work with a determination to succeed, no matter the circumstances.

They share a burning passion to see young people grow in every area, and to be able to provide them with the environment and tools for that growth. They create innovative, inspiring, educational and fun projects for all young people. They believe that no matter a young person’s circumstances, ethnicity, ability or economic placement; it benefits them to work together, rather than single any particular group out. Focusing on building young people up through quality and inspiring projects they set up and implement youth projects London wide, in response to consultation with the young people in the areas.These projects are positive, productive and serve to show our young people in a favourable light. The Hebe Foundation is a registered Youth Charity working with young people aged 13-20 years old