Pastor Faith Okrafo-Smart – Inspirational Women Award

Pastor Faith Okrafo-Smart is a best-selling author, a missionary, a teacher of the Word and has a passion to help and impact the lives of the poor and needy in Sierra Leone and abroad, through the Gospel and humanitarian outreach.

She is the Vision-Carrier of Melqosh Mission International, a Non-Profit Organisation birthed to equip, educate, empower and elongate the lives of victims of the Blood Diamonds fuelled war – amputees, whose limbs were amputated by the war rebels in the civil war in Sierra Leone, including other war victims and their dependants.

She spearheaded a Nationwide Covid-19 response in 2020 for war survivors and their families, providing sustenance to every war victim household in every town and district of Sierra Leone.

Pastor Faith started her ministry in Sierra Leone over 13 years ago and has worked Country wide with over 5,000 Blood Diamond War victims, namely war amputees, war wounded, war rape victims, war widows, war orphans and children of surviving war victims; through Medical Missions, Educational Interventions, University Scholarships, Food Aid in Crisis Subventions, Business Setup Funds etc.

In 2021, her ministry built a multipurpose Educational Centre for war survivors and their children.
She recently became the General Overseer of Strong Nation International House of Prayer, her work has extended to different parts of the world and her vision is to restore lives through the Gospel and implement developmental strategies through education, health, trade and employment.