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Mena Williams

Mena Williams is the organisational and business development engine behind one of the most significant businesses in the UK dental sector. Her husband who is the 1ST EVER AFRICAN ORTHODONTIST IN THE UK would usually be the focus of attention, however Mrs Williams has been an essential part of the success that Dr Williams and the practice has become. Dulwich Orthodontic and Marsh Wall have become a byword for success in the sector, this wouldn’t be possible without the decades of work and sacrifice by Mrs Williams. The practice has an enviable list of A list names as patients from politicians, to pop stars and TV Personalities, but never boasts in this.

Mrs Williams has taken it upon herself to develop more than a business but to develop people. The list of people who came to work with Mrs Williams as cleaners etc. who she then sponsored and trained to become better who have now become practitioners in the sector is too long to list. She is also well known for her commitment to mentoring young ladies many that she’s mentored from childhood to the present day where they are married and successful professionals today again there is an amazing catalogue of these. She is also a committed leader in her church family again her contribution there is admirable. Mrs Williams is undoubtedly an outlier both as a business woman, community leader, Wife and Mother. She has done all this with no acknowledgement or a desire for rewards beyond the acknowledgement from heaven.

She has made a difference in so many lives.