Dupe Makinde

With a passion and mandate to empower and inspire people and give them the opportunity to succeed in life, Dupe Makinde founded two organisations that are changing the lives of hundreds of young people and women beyond recognition.

A mother of two, Dupe works as an accountant and in her very limited spare time is working to eradicate poverty in West Africa and UK by raising funds and attracting grants for the education and personal development of children, young people and women. More than 50 orphans, street children and offspring of single parent families in West Africa, over 300 young people in the UK and countless women in both regions have benefitted, thanks to Dupe’s humanitarian work.

Using her own resources, Dupe went on fact-finding mission in 2005 to Nigerian schools and orphanages. As a result, she founded God’s Grace Foundation (GGF) which encourages personal growth among children and young people in Africa and Britain, by sponsoring and educating the needy. She also founded Blossom Network (BN) which helps women to blossom and live purpose-driven lives.

These amazing life-enhancing charities, led by Dupe as Managing Director, are creating new opportunities for young people & women that they would never have had otherwise, by developing their skills, and sense of achievement and helping them reach their full potential.