Bishop Dr. vanessa Benson – Women in Ministry Award

Bishop Dr. vanessa Benson is a born again Christian, a founding member of Launches Evangelistic Ministries International London and has many church branches in Kenya.

Bishop presides in London and has been instrumental in preaching Gods word diligently.
She is the Secretary of (Tapac) Trans-Atlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches for 12 years and has been instrumental in the mentoring , training and consecration of Gods ministers here in UK and all around the world.
Her ministry has a children’s home in Kenya and it also takes care of Pastor’s needs in Kirinyaga Kenya where she is a native of.
Although her churches have been affected by the impact of COVID-19 she was and is still instrumental in supplying food donations amongst vulnerable families in Lewisham area and its surroundings in london.

She has ministered to bereaved families and led funeral services for many, she has dedicated her life to serving God and humanity with all her heart and is a phone call away always. She is also an intercesor for families and nations.

With her organizational and interpersonal skills, Bishop Vanessa stands out among all women ministers, humble, anointed, faithful, patient, loving and long suffering.
She is very kindhearted, honest and gives everyone an opportunity to shine.